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About Ash Tutors | Private Tuition In Wigan, Warrington & St.Helens (& across the North West)

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My name is Geoff Ashton (see all the family pics) and I own and run Ash Tutors (est. 6 years), based on the convergence of Wigan, Warrington and St.Helens. I'm a primary school teacher with over 20 years teaching experience, and I pride myself in operating a modern, 'virtual' office, focusing on quality and efficiency of service, the effectiveness of our tuition, and a set of firm family values entwined with a love of learning.

Many service providers make the overly-used claim of 'going the extra mile'. For me though, this is at the very core of what we do, and I am continually looking for ways to increase the 'value' clients receive from us.

This can be evidenced from the unique Tuition Packages we offer, which I am constantly adding to. It can also be seen in the 'Daily TeachTips' I put out on social media; the advice I send out in my blog; the regular client satisfaction surveys; the free ebook explaining how we work; the comprehensive client and tutor referral scheme; the free stuff for parents to name but a few!

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Hopefully by now you can see that we really ARE different! But there are many private tuition agencies out there. The vast majority offer merely a 'shop window' for tutors, and they make their money from simply putting tutors and clients in touch with each other, then have little else to do with it. We, however, offer a fully comprehensive package from start to finish. Take a look at some reasons why our clients stay with us for years:

  • You will be dealing with a practising and experienced teacher right from the first contact.
  • You will be advised by a teacher on which tutor will be the most convenient to you, and just as importantly the best match in terms of skills and experience to cater for the student's needs.
  • All our tutors on the Meet The Team pages are fully vetted and have proven their reliability, teaching skills and professionalism to us. Because we and they are local to Wigan, Warrington and St.Helens, we get to know them better than a national agency could ever hope to.
  • All our tutors on the Meet The Team page have several favourable testimonials from our clients.
  • All of our tutors and lessons are fully insured against public liability, professional indemnity and employer's liability. (To the tune of 2 million pounds.)
  • There is NO TIE-IN CONTRACT - you are free to leave whenever you wish. We can do this because we know private tuition works!
  • We are not a faceless, 'internet-only' company. My name, address and contact details are on the site for everyone to see. (Email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • We offer 3 tuition packages, and detail EXACTLY what you'll get for each package.
  • We get many of our tutors DIRECTLY from schools, so we know they are DBS checked, ID checked, checked for appropriate qualifications and subject to Ofsted inspections, as well as schools' own rigorous monitoring policies.

This is just a selection. Why not give me a call and see if I can help you? Alternatively, complete the Tutor Request form and I'll do the rest.

P.S. If you still have questions why not have a quick skim through our FAQs? You can find them in the form of a free download at this link.

Opt-in to find out how we can put your child on the road to success! (Your email is safe with us.)